Why United?
Shipping Services

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Shipping Services

United Dispatch will match your inbound and outbound shipping requests with thousands of quality carriers across the country to transport your load. With our vast network and online resources, you can be assured we will meet your tight schedule or specific need.

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United Dispatch is a licensed broker specializing in full or partial truckload and
LTL service throughout the United States and Canada, we offer shippers:

 •  Quick quotes with competitive rates
 •  Carriers screened and insured to comply with FHWA
 •  Proven customer service record
 •  Real-time tracking software

 •  Transporters include; dry vans, refrigerated, flatbeds or specialty
 •  One invoice that includes all costs
 •  No contract required

With nationwide authority and full brokerage services, we can virtually handle any type of load, anywhere in the United States and Canada. As a customer, you’ll enjoy competitive quotes, clean equipment, and on-time delivery.

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